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First Global “Pay After Placement” Recruitment Platform

ATS & CRM* Recruitment Platform

Pioneering in the success fee model of Talent Management Cloud Solutions

candidates, metrics, team

*Applicant Tracking System & Customer Relationship Management

Our Advantages

Pay once you make a placement.

In addition, our Pricing model is highly competitive

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Return of Investment?

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This is a win-win!

With WeHire you don’t invest upfront and then wait for a return. With WeHire you win and then you pay, in a commission-like scheme, not a boring fixed cost.


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Free of charge

You won’t ever need to cancel our contract as we don’t represent a fixed cost to your organization.

Annual or Monthly Attachments?

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Pay Once you make a placement

If you don’t make a successful placement, you won’t need to pay a penny. We partner with you during the busts and the booms.

Limited users?

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Unlimited users with no cost.

Once again, you only pay once you have completed a search assignment, not earlier, it doesn’t matter how many users you enabled.

About Us

WeHire is the most efficient and user-friendly Talent Management platform for the recruiting industry.

Created by experienced recruiters.




Paid Invoices


WeHire manages the entire recruiting process with intelligence:

High efficiency, sophisticated reporting tools and most importantly, with no fixed monthly payments per user.

WeHire HH

Headhunting firms

Staffing firms

RPO / Nearshore Recruiting Companies

Independent Recruiters


IT Recruiters


Premium Account

Headhunting and Staffing Firms

Individual Account

Independent Recruiters and Freelancers


No need to cancel. In case you are done and want to export of your date, let us know and we can do that

No, you can have as many users you need and you will only pay when you make a placement.

Get now your own user for free.

This is not a free trial or a period. You won’t ever pay before you successfully make a placement.

Firms and Agencies

Independent Recruiters

Unlimited Projects

Pay After Placement

Customer Service

Full access to ATS

Full access to CRM

Data Export

Data Import

Financial Reports


Unlimited Users

Premium Customer Service

Users for the Client/Employer


WeHire is a Success Alliances Technologies platform,

a company that was created from its inception as one of the first Software Companies in the world which operates under a 100% Humanistic Management scheme, based on ethical and moral cultural values and absolute respect for all individuals and living things.

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*A valid payment option will be required to create a project but you will be charged and/or invoiced only once you have successfully finished the assignment.

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Get WeHire now, no credit card needed at this stage, register and create projects with no cost.


With your Premium Account you can ask for the migration of your data and export it at any time as well

It is absolutely safe and cannot be visible or used by anyone. See your benefits on our Terms & Conditions

With your Premium Account, you may assign unlimited users to any project with no additional cost. Remember that you will pay only if you successfully closed the project

  1. For both Premium and Individual accounts you may pay with debit or credit card and see our additional payment options.
  2. For your Premium account you may use a wire transfer, international bank transfer or direct deposit.

Yes, for every project you close with success, you will be invoiced for your records.

Yes, this is a cloud solution in which you can have access from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Not at all, you will get your account totally free of charge.

No, If you sign up as a freelance or independent recruiter, you will have to enter valid payment options for creating a project once you have your account running.

Well, this is a matter of mutual trust and respect. We trust our users just the same way they believe WeHire is the best recruiting platform in the market. Please see our Terms & Conditions